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A little bit about us...

Who are Soy Blooms?


I am a mother to two beautiful little girls Taylor and Hayden.


My love for candles goes back as far as my high school days. Burning incense sticks and candles were a big thing amongst my friends and I. There is something about the ambiance of a flickering flame that was addictive and calming for me.

There was however one thing that we were never made aware of and that was the harsh chemicals we were breathing in with a lot of the cheaper store bought paraffin wax candles. Looking into this issue more  I discovered the benefits of soy wax candles. Made from hydrogenated soybean oil it is a natural eco friendly product.


As a self confessed candle addict and a mother trying to promote a healthier lifestyle for my family this was wonderful news to me.


I soon realised that I was buying them from the boutique style shops on an almost weekly basis. That is when I decided that I would look into making them from home for myself.


Soon my little hobby turned into a full on passion. Making candles for family and friends turned into a facebook page which has now turned into this website and I am so excited to share my passion of beautiful afforable candles and reusable products with all of you.


Thank you all for supporting a work at home mum. It means the world to us.


xx Genelle




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